Liberty Day Institute offers a variety of educational materials and “America Supplies” for all ages! Take a look at the fun and educational items we offer at our online shop.

Also available is the Liberty Day Institute Teacher’s Packet, which contains a full, educator-approved lesson plan, two evaluation forms, and a multiple choice pre-test and post-test.

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Complete Educational
Resource Package

Our proven, signature education product for teachers and volunteers - newly-upgraded! Contains 25 copies of the Liberty Day Institute Constitution booklets with 24 Q&A flashcard, and 1 Teacher's Packet with an exclusive teacher access code to the all-new Online Teacher Resource Suite.

Just $25 per package!



Liberty Day Institute Pocket-Sized Booklet w/ Perforated Q&A Flashcards

Includes unedited versions of:
US Constitution & Declaration of Independence with 24 perforated Q&A flashcards pertaining to the Constitution, important dates, quotes, all amendments, and a topical index.

For orders over 1,000, call for availability

$1.00 each


"I Got Quizzed" Stickers

$.10 cents each!

Liberty Day Institute Kids Kit

Complete Kit Includes: 1 "Liberty Day Institute Kids" t-shirt (Youth Large/Adult Small), 1 canvas flag bag, 10 copies of the Liberty Day Institute pocket-sized booklets containing the US Constitution & Declaration of Independence, 1 separate set of Q&A flashcards, and 10 "I got quizzed!" stickers.

$25 per kit


Liberty Day Institute T-Shirts

Order a Liberty Day Institute T-Shirt today. Sizes available include Child S, M, L and Adult S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.

$10 each

Select T-Shirt Size

"Liberty Day Institute Kids" Patch

Perfect for Girl Scout or Boy Scout uniforms!

$3 each


Liberty Day Institute Canvas Flag-Bag

$5 each